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James M
United States
Ibanez Forum Nic
No imperfections, just pure bad-assery!
The case :D I don't know what people are saying is cheap. I was expecting some bad chipboard case, but the case is a really good copy of the G&G. No dents like other people said they have on their cases, so I guess I am lucky. Yeah, some of the latches dont line up within a few microns, but it isn't like they are so off the case doesnt close, after all, the case is made in china, but the case is solid and love the color. Great bonus for the guitar. Ibanez really came through on making this guitar really special and having special bonuses that complete the package.
I was going to make all the hardware chrome, but after receiving the guitar, it really really looks good as is. I am not too big a fan of Ibanez, but they really came through on this limited edition guitar. I've only added Gotoh straplocks to it.
I have read alot of people saying that you cannot capture the color of this guitar on photo, and they are right. The color on this road flare red is out of this world. Its like looking at pictures of the Grand Canyon and actually seeing the Grand Canyon in person... totally mind blowing.